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Designing Tips for Making Web Pages


Web designing is becoming more and more challenging day by day as the need there is to develop highly innovative and flexible web pages. There are a lot of techniques and tools being introduced every once in a while, which the designers need to be updated with. Further in this article, we will discuss about a few such tips, which the designers can note down to make their designs more attractive and user-friendly.

·        Fixed navigation

Fixed navigation is a comparatively new method used by expert designers. This is very effective in the new model single page web design. You will find it frustrating when the users need to scroll up through the entire page to go to navigation menu bar. Fixed navigation, instead wills scroll along as the users scrolls down and position itself accordingly to the page movement. So the users can simply spot the navigation bar at any part of the page and easily access it instantly.

·        Big-sized buttons and big text

As the new-age computer screens offer high resolution and efficiency, designers can make use of more space for designs. So, this rule out the issue of shrinking text to fit in into a limited column space. Large fonts as well as more line spacing can be utilized and this in turn makes it easier for the users to read through the page very comfortably. Big click for action buttons can also be integrated, which are very effective while browsing through sites on a mobile phone or other such compact devices.

  • Single Page Designs

It is a notable fact that many people do not tend to go through all the pages in a web site and navigate back and forth to gather information. So, the effective mode can be used in terms of designing now is to develop single-page websites. The entire content can be fitted into a single page with a scrolling down model, which makes it far easier for the users to get everything at one place.

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